Free Trial: RSA Archer® SaaS + Crowe Pandemic Response App

Quickly address pandemic-related issues to help protect your employees, your customers, and your organization


See if you qualify for a 6-month free trial of RSA Archer SaaS configured with the Crowe Pandemic Response app to help your organization quickly address pandemic-related issues and begin to establish a business resiliency program. Aggregate, centralize and correlate data from government sources and public health agencies with your organization’s internal data to help identify emerging risks, adapt business initiatives and, most importantly, care for employees and customers.

The Business Resiliency Rapid Response offer:

  • Enables you to immediately respond to pandemic-related issues.
  • Aggregates, centralizes and correlates external data from government sources and public health agencies with your organization’s internal data about employees, partners, products, facilities, etc.
  • Facilitates exposure management and contact tracing within your organization.
  • Leverages the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.
  • Is easy to get up and running quickly.

The Business Resiliency Rapid Response offer is available to both new and current RSA and Crowe customers looking to build and enhance their business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Sign up to see if you qualify for this free trial* that can help put your organization in a stronger position to address today’s rapidly changing business challenges.

*This free trial offer is dependent on RSA confirming solution suitability. RSA is providing this RSA Archer SaaS Free trial, with a value equal to approximately 6 months of the RSA Archer SaaS offering, to qualifying organizations free of charge as a part of a corporate promotion. It is provided to qualifying organizations without any obligation on your organization to purchase any product or service from RSA. To the extent that you elect to purchase this Offering, or any other items provided by RSA in response to your engagement with us, we remind you that doing so may require you to consult legal or ethics counsel to ensure compliance with any of your company’s rules or policies on ethics. The Crowe Pandemic Response app was developed by Crowe. Both RSA the Free Trial of RSA Archer SaaS and the Crowe Pandemic Response app will be subject to qualifying organizations accepting standard terms and conditions governing use of their respective products. 

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