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Gartner Report

Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience


The risk landscape is growing more complex, with events in 2020 forcing all organizations to rethink existing approaches to business recovery and resiliency. But what’s next? How can we anticipate what will impact resiliency? How can we prepare?

Download a complimentary copy of the Gartner report, “Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience” for an in-depth look into a number of factors that will shape the future of resiliency for all organizations. The report covers:

  • Lessons learned from the disruptions of 2020 and how to evolve and develop continuous resilience strategies across the organization
  • 5 key strategic “predictions” for the future state of resiliency and recovery, and in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations for each
  • An overview of the journey from business continuity to organizational resilience – and tips for reaching the next level as you mature your strategy

It’s time for businesses to build a culture of organizational resilience that can adapt not only to the changing threat landscape, but also to the increased momentum of digital transformation.

Download the report for more on where to start today and what to plan for in the future!

* Gartner, Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience, David Gregory, Roberta Witty, Ron Blair, Katell Thielemann, 4 January 2021