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Gartner Report

Third Party Risk – Key Criteria for Monitoring Your Vendors


How do you keep track of your third-party relationships and how critical they are to your business? How do you evaluate and manage the risk a third-party product or service may introduce to your business?

Gartner has considered those questions inside and out and charted a sensible, informed report for businesses across industries in, “Monitor Key Risk Criteria to Mitigate Vendor Failure.”

Download a complimentary copy of the report to:

  • Find out the 5 primary vendor risk categories that organizations encounter most frequently
  • Get specific insight into key indicators in each category that risk management leaders should use to determine when a third party poses a specific risk
  • Use this report as a framework to start a list of vendors and key indicators to monitor for your organization

It is no longer enough to focus only on cybersecurity or regulatory risks. Now is the time to get a comprehensive view into your third parties and the impacts to your business across all dimensions of risk. Get the report and get started today!

* Gartner, Monitor Key Risk Criteria to Mitigate Vendor Failure, Edward Weinstein, 24 June 2020